REIDTEC is one of Ireland's leading Computer maintenance specialist. Mark Reid (fonder) has established himself as leading light within the world of hardware and software implementation
and Firewall security.

With over 15 years of hands on experience Mark has quite
literary overseen every conceivable eventuality in regard to computer failure, security issues, data loss, next generation hardware/software advancements and client end protocols.

Mark attributes the success of REIDTEC to three ideals:
(1) A good understanding of one's market and the relevant
technical knowledge needed to quickly find the 'correct'
solutions for our clients.
(2) Developing a excellent relationship with our clientele.
(3) Provide peace of mind by implementing decisive, cost
effective and future proof solutions that ensure stability.

At REIDTEC we strive to be the one-stop solution to your computing problems... we will help you get to where you need
to be and we pride ourselves on our ability to to work fast and
to a budget that suits your requirements.